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Action Membership

Hoosiers for Action is a group of concerned citizens in Indiana who believe in moving Indiana forward. We believe that supporting and volunteering for candidates across the state will lead to a fairer, more inclusive, and civic-minded government.

We encourage all members to join their State and county Democratic Party (visit indems.org), as well as progressive organizations, so there is a strong cohesion and effective coordination between HFA, the Democratic Party, and other action groups. Our members will show support for organizations that foster and represent HFA’s mission.

Hoosiers for Action supports civil rights for all. We believe that human rights are inalienable and are inherited by all regardless of race, gender identity, religion, or sexual orientation. HFA supports comprehensive immigration reform and condemns persecution on the basis of race, religion, or immigration status. We recognize and support organized labor and collective bargaining as a backbone to the creation and conservation of a thriving middle and working class.

To increase civic engagement in the political process, we will share a specific communication structure so that members will be heard on the federal, state, and local levels.

Hoosiers for Action will provide all members with Action Emails (bi-weekly or monthly, depending on preferences,) containing information about what is happening locally and how they can contact their legislators. Members are encouraged to spend just 10 minutes making calls, engaging with their elected officials, and learning about legislation.

Hoosiers for Action will provide an organizational structure that connects our members to volunteer opportunities with candidates and causes during elections and legislative sessions. Members’ generous contributions and dues will be used to support endorsed candidates in their campaigns.